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Legal Support for Real Estate Transactions
In our work, we primarily care about reliability of a transaction and ensure its enforceability.
Special offer

For each legal transaction we support, our leading expert drafts a written Legal Opinion, which contains:

  • the review of all information collected, regarding the real estate item and transaction participants (on the non-availability of affiliates, compliance with the requirements of corporate and competition laws, etc.)
  • the rationale for selection of legal mechanisms and special terms and conditions of the corresponding real estate contract;
  • recommendations on the protection of the transaction from potential third party false claims.
  • Review of transaction papers and documents;
  • Verification of real estate item’s history;
  • Structuring real estate and property right transactions, taking into account taxes, rights of company’s shareholders and claims of company’s creditors;
  • Developing recommendations for eliminating the problems and deficiencies identified;
  • Drawing up necessary documents;
  • Gaining approvals of draft documents from customers and their counterparties;
  • Obtaining documents from state bodies and entities;
  • Submitting documents to state bodies and entities;
  • Supervision of all transaction stages;
  • Gaining approvals of draft documents from the notary public and state bodies;
  • State registration of transactions and rights to real estate.
Certain legal services for real estate transactions: Shared construction
  • Providing advice to an investor, developer, and other shared construction participants;
  • Assessment of legal risks related to agreements for participation in shared construction;
  • Representing a shared construction participant in all entities at all construction stages, including further registration of rights to a newly created facility;
  • Conducting cases that involve disputes associated with the participation in shared construction in courts.
Due diligence
  • Verification of legitimacy of the property right emergence;
  • Assessment of legal risks associated with a real estate item and development of recommendations on their mitigation;
  • Legal appraisal of investment attractiveness of a real estate item;
  • Verification of the intended purpose of a real estate item;
Investment projects
  • Developing a legal and tax model of an investment project;
  • Handling the formalities to enable construction on land plots;
  • Legal support of management companies and investment funds;
  • Ordering and obtaining architectural planning specifications and development designs;
  • Gaining approvals of design documents from state bodies;
  • Drawing up investment agreements.
Judicial disputes regarding real estate
  • Declaration of property rights in a court of law;
  • Reclamation of property from other person’s adverse possession (vindication);
  • Disputes under agreements for participation (co-investment) in shared construction;
  • Protection of ownership and investment.