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Guaranteeing victory is prohibited by law,
but winning again cannot be prohibited!
We understand judicial mechanisms,
speak a common language with court’s officers, as well as successfully find and collect evidence. All of this enables us to predict the outcome of your case and obtain favourable court judgments.
    We specialize in:
  • protection of ownership;
  • disputes regarding sale and purchase agreements;
  • disputes under construction contracts;
  • disputes regarding the recovery of debtor indebtedness, penalties, interests and losses;
  • recovery of unreasonably obtained finances;
  • invalidation of contracts and other transactions;
  • disputes regarding bill liabilities.
  • We handle a wide variety of complex, high-value claims including breach of contract, shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence, breach of confidence and intellectual property disputes.
Hourly payment

for the work of each lawyer involved in the case.

Payment by installments

The customer pays the fee to the lawyer during the period of lawyer’s work on the case. -->

Payment for the result

Favourable award in the customer’s case.

The bonus amount is agreed upon separately.

Where a case is won, funds spent on lawyers may be recovered against the unsuccessful party. .
Our advantages
  • We successfully deal with non-routine cases, perform detailed legal review in a case, assess potential risks and thereafter resort to court based on the elaborated case strategy.
  • We do not limit our work to some standard range of actions; we prepare documents, petitions and statements in the scope required for a certain customer’s case (it does not affect the price, as we are committed to results).
  • We have proven experience in receiving evidence missing from the case.
  • Our expertise enables finding truly reputable and competent experts for your case.
  • Our company has been operating since 2005 (over this time, we have acquired valuable business links, developed the business reputation of reliable lawyers and had no disputes with our customers).
Since 2012, we have won all arbitration cases. Cases won: 2012 – 28, 2013 – 31, 2014 – 47, 2015 - 27
Call us if victory must be yours.