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Nikolay Mikhailov Ksenia Golovacheva Vladimir Ivanov
Tel.:+7 812 321-47-39 Skype:sodeystvie
Nikolay Mikhailov Managing Partner

Nikolay Mikhailov specializes in arbitration disputes and ICAC proceedings, as well as in matters of Russian civil law and private international law.

  • 2006 – Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law
  • 2001 – Postgraduate program of Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law
    Examples of professional experience:
  • Representation of customers in disputes considered by the ICAC under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Russian Federation, ICAC under the CCI of Ukraine and ICAC under the CCI of the Republic of Belarus.
  • More than 10 year of proven experience in providing legal services to corporate and individual customers, including legal representation in courts of general jurisdiction and commercial courts of the Russian Federation.
  • Providing advice on private investment in real estate in Russia.

Successful representation of a Russian air carrier in a case against a large aircraft manufacturer of Ukraine. Repeatedly obtained interim measures in commercial courts.

    Additional information:
  • One of the founders and the CEO of Sodeystviye Law Firm.
  • Member of the Association of Lawyers of St. Petersburg
  • His scientific interests lie in the procedural law of Russia and legislation of Germany.
  • Proficient in English, currently studies German
  • Motto: Always toward victory

Tel.:+7 812 321-47-39 Skype:sodeystvie
Ksenia Golovacheva Partner

Ksenia Golovacheva specializes in the protection of ownership and real estate transactions (commercial and residential real estate, agricultural and industry lands).

  • 2006 – Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law
    Defended her graduation thesis on the protection of private property in the European Court of Human Rights at the International Law Department with an excellent mark.
    Experience (selectively):
  • Successfully resolved conflicts between owners of shares of agricultural lands.
  • Supported more than a hundred real estate transactions in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
  • Has excellent judicial experience in resolving disputes with condominium partnerships, housing cooperatives, and management companies.
  • Representation of customers in disputes with state bodies regarding the declaration of title.
  • Repeatedly obtained favourable awards for disputes between developers and investors.
  • Experienced in managing real estate items to the value exceeding USD 10 million.
    Additional information:
  • Proficient in English
  • Actively engaged in public activities on fighting against illegal construction in St. Petersburg.
Tel.:+7 812 321-47-39 Skype:sodeystvie
Vladimir Ivanov (Senior lawyer)

Vladimir Ivanov specializes in establishing legal entities in Russia, business structuring, conducting cases that involve debt recovery in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

  • 2011 – graduated from the Faculty of Law of Saint Petersburg State University of Airspace Instrumentation with highest distinction. Defended his graduation thesis on the constitutional lawmaking at the State Law Department with an excellent mark.
  • Starting from 2014, he is an applicant for the Ph.D. in Law degree at the International Maritime and Military Law Department of Fleet Admiral Of the Soviet Union N.G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy.
    Experience (selectively):
  • Registration of companies having various legal forms, supporting transactions on sale and transformation of companies.
  • Opening/closing bank accounts, including those using the direct online banking system.
  • Obtaining licenses for trade in alcoholic products.
  • Real estate transaction support.
  • Conducting numerous cases that involve disputes with respect to debt recovery under loan agreements, independent contractor agreements, and lease agreements, disputes with insurance companies, etc. in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction.
  • Conducting cases in Russian courts against defendants located abroad.
  • Providing customers with legal support in enforcement proceedings
    Additional information:
  • Motto: Constant development is the key to a high professionalism.