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Legal Support to Business
By choosing our legal support on a permanent basis, you actually get a whole legal department comprising 5 skilled lawyers, office equipment, up-to-date legal databases, couriers for express delivery of documents to different parts of the city and everything you may need to resolve almost any legal issue. The agreement for on-retainer legal support includes:
  • Legal audit of day-today operations (you will learn a lot of new things about your company);
  • Contracting;
  • Settlement of claims, including claims from counterparties;
  • Maintaining corporate documentation of a company;
  • Out-of-court settlement of labour disputes;
  • Continuous monitoring of changes in the laws related to the company’s activities;
  • Collection and analysis of information on counterparties.
Advantages of legal outsourcing (on-retainer legal support)
  • A skilled lawyer that may fulfil the tasks assigned to him in a proper and prompt manner is on-call with you at any time;
  • Due to servicing various business areas, a law firm has multi-faceted legal experience that an in-house lawyer rarely has;
  • Arranging an individual workplace and supporting lawyer’s efforts is not required;
  • Spending money on legal databases, professional literature, training, and continuous professional development is not required;
  • There is no need to pay salary taxes and levies (about 40%). Payments for services under the agreement are expensed;
  • There are no labour risks – no leaves and sicknesses;
  • You may terminate our agreement at any time without extra explanations and engage any other professional team;
  • There is no need to control the studiousness of lawyers, as well as their in and out times, considering lunches and dinners;
  • You get a detailed written activities report every month.

The cost of LEGAL SUPPORT is substantially lower than expenses for the salary of a skilled in-house lawyer.

Legal support alternatives:


+ 10 hours of lawyers’ work
+ 1 courier attendance (RUB 1,000 thereafter)
+ 1 assistant lawyer attendance (RUB 1,500 thereafter)

RUB 25,000
Business Standard

(in-house lawyer)

+ 20 hours of lawyers’ work
+ 4 courier attendances (RUB 1,000 thereafter)
+ 2 assistant lawyer attendances (RUB 1,500 thereafter)

RUB 40,000
Legal Department

(full coverage)

+ 40 hours of lawyers’ work
+ 8 courier attendances (RUB 1,000 thereafter)
+ 4 assistant lawyer attendances (RUB 1,500 thereafter)

RUB 90,000

After examination of operational peculiarities of your company, individually worked out special offers might be made.